Supportive Therapy

Supportive Therapy

Everyone struggles with different challenges at different points in our lives. When struggling with difficult emotions, people do not always make the best choices; rather, we often do whatever we can to feel better in the moment, sometimes with negative consequences for future. With help, however, it can be possible to confront the difficulties and life, choose healthy coping skills, and come away stronger and wiser.

Suicidal Thoughts Treatment

Couples Therapy

Romantic conflict can arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, external forces place pressure on the relationship and result in strain. Other times, personality, cultural, or religious differences can divide people. Navigating life transitions (such as having children, or children leaving home) can be extremely taxing on a relationship. Of course, couples struggling with difficult issues such as infidelity and discussions of divorce can often benefit from the guidance of a trained couples therapist who can act as a neutral third party.

Therapy for Teens

Teenage Issues

The teenage years are a vulnerable and often distressful time for many. Serious mental issues also have a higher chance of manifesting during this time. Teenagers often struggle with issues such as family conflict, drugs and alcohol use, depressions and anxiety, self-harm, impulsive behavior, bullying, cell phone addiction, and others. We offer therapy for teens, with options for parental inclusion.

Family Therapy and Support

Support for Those Who Love Someone With BPD

Loving someone who has borderline personality disorder can be difficult. We offer education and support for persons who love someone with BPD. Sometimes, persons with borderline personality disorder are not interested in, or ready for, treatment. In such cases, family members and close friends may be forced to seek help for themselves.