Personality Testing

Personality testing is a method of assessing a person’s unique, stable psychological characteristics. Personality tests can be helpful for determining if someone has a mental health disorder (or clarifying which one), to assist with treatment planning, for identifying a person’s strengths or weaknesses, and for determining if someone is a good fit for a particular career path.

There are many personality tests available online. Most of these tests are unreliable (the results change depending on when you take them), have low validity (do not actually provide helpful or predictive information), and do not provide an accurate or complete picture of one’s personality. Useful, scientifically sound personality tests are those that have been extensively researched, return consistent results over time, and predict present or future behavior.

Career Testing

Career/Occupational Testing

Career testing can be helpful if you need help picking a career path. Career testing can provide valuable information about what career fields you might enjoy and be successful at. Career testing can be helpful for:

  • College students trying to determine a career path or college major

  • Recent high school or college graduates, trying to determine their next step

  • Determining suitability for a specific career field, such as law enforcement

  • Persons unsatisfied with their present career, considering a change of career fields

ADD Testing & ADHD Testing

ADD/ADHD Testing

Concerned that you, or your child, may have ADD or ADHD? Objective testing is the best way to be sure. ADD/ADHD is often diagnosed on the basis of behavior and the patient’s self-reported symptoms. This often occurs in primary care medical settings.

There are many issues which can appear similar to ADD/ADHD, including learning difficulties, behavioral issues, and attention or executive function deficits that do not qualify as ADD/ADHD. Before starting medication for issues of attention, we suggest a formal ADD/ADHD assessment.

ADD/ADHD testing may be especially helpful for struggling students at any level. Students often struggle when school difficulty increases, like when beginning high school or college. Issues related to attention are a common reason for academic struggles.